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DELMIA V5-6R2012

کد کالا: 508
وضعیت: موجود
رتبه کالا:
قیمت: 420000 ریال
تاریخ اضافه شدن به فروشگاه: ۱۳۹۲/۰۱/۱۶
لایسنس اضافه نصب ( License Unlimited)

سبد خرید
نرم افزاری برای طراحی و کارایی رباطها

یک نرم افزار گرانقیمت و کم کارایی.از این نرم افزار برای طراحی و کارایی رباطها استفاده میشود.کارهای روتینگ و یک منوال خاص شما با استفاده از این نرم افزار قدرت بالا و نتیجه خوبی به شما میدهد.


DELMIA's Digital Manufacturing Products and Solutions allow manufacturers in any industry to virtually define, plan, create, monitor and control all production processes. From early process planning and assembly simulation to a complete definition of the production facility and equipment, DELMIA assists companies to achieve maximum production efficiency, lower cost, improve quality and reduce time to market.

This new release furthers the adoption of the powerful 3D Experience Platform designed by Dassault Systèmes and includes a major new evolution in V6-to-V5 compatibility. OEMs or suppliers in all industries now have the flexibility to modify and exchange designs, whether they are V5- or V6-native, as they progress through the design process. This represents another quantum leap in an ongoing series of V5-V6 collaboration capabilities.

CATIA V5 users will be able to edit key features of V6 models from within V5. No other company in the CAD / PLM industry offers this level of downward compatibility between versions. The capabilities announced today further enable customers and their supply chains to benefit from the value of V6 alongside their existing V5 deployments.

"When we created V6, we knew customers would work in mixed V5/V6 environments. Since then we have continuously worked to support our customers' industry needs," explained Dominique Florack, senior executive vice president, Products, Research & Development, Dassault Systèmes. "What you're seeing is an engineered development of V5 and V6 solutions to ensure a compatibility that can't be found elsewhere."

Dassault Systèmes has renamed this release of V5 to V5-6R2012 to emphasize the continuing compatibility and synchronization between V5 and V6, as well as the enrichment of V5 solutions with select V6 technology. V5 customers can therefore experience the open V6 portfolio and gain select benefits of Dassault Systèmes' extensive V6 R&D investments. Customers can transition to V6 at their own pace, while continuing to collaborate seamlessly with departments, customers and suppliers who use V5. V6 models opened in V5 retain features created in, for example, V6's Part Design, Sketcher and Generative Surface Design workbenches and knowledgeware.

Delmia Virtual Manufacturing Simulation Solutions

The more complex a product, the more critical the assembly process becomes. Assembly of even the smallest electronic products through to massive aerospace and automotive products can become expensive and time consuming if it is planned incorrectly or training is inadequate. Being able to properly plan, simulate and then train assembly processes becomes a function that reaches across many departments including: Engineering, Production, and Support.

Having access to the 3D design data well before production begins delivers huge advantages to manufacturers focused on saving time and money in the operations. But also having access to applications which can quickly test a design and then generate simulations and animations, mean that the assembly process can be accurately planned, designed, trained and performed before manufacturing starts.

At the heart of Applied's digital manufacturing simulation solutions is the DELMIA suite of software technologies. DELMIA provides entire digital solutions for on-demand and just-in-time manufacturing processes, allowing manufacturers to bring their products to market more quickly, while reducing production costs and encouraging innovation.
DELMIA's digital manufacturing solutions allow manufacturing organisations to design and visualize the entire production process for a digitally specified product before deploying any physical materials and machines.

They integrate closely with CATIA design solutions, as well as with ENOVIA data management and collaborative work solutions to deliver substantial benefits to customers deploying PLM.

Businesses using DELMIA in conjunction with these solutions can increase opportunities for collaboration, reuse, and collective innovation throughout the product lifecycle.

About Dassault Systemes

As a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Dassault Systemes brings value to more than 130,000 customers in 80 countries. A pioneer in the 3D software market since 1981, Dassault Systemes applications provide a 3D vision of the entire lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance to recycling. The Dassault Systemes portfolio consists of CATIA for designing the virtual product - SolidWorks for 3D mechanical design - DELMIA for virtual production - SIMULIA for virtual testing - ENOVIA for global collaborative lifecycle management, EXALEAD for search-based applications and 3DVIA for online 3D lifelike experiences.


DS DELMIA V5-6R2012 GA (64bit) with English Documentations


شرکت تولید کننده Dassault Systèmes
سایت تولید کننده www.3ds.com
حجم برنامه به ( MB ) 2210
تعداد DVD 4.7GB 1 DVD
تعداد DVD 9.0GB -
تعداد CD 700MB -
سیستم عامل ( OS ) XP , Vista , Seven
سخت افزار ( BIT ) 64
توضیحات محصول -
قیمت اصلی برنامه -

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